Counter Balanced Fire Club

Counter Balanced Fire Club


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Delivery weight: 2 kg
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WARNING: At 1280mm long with a 400mm (16 inch) wick, this is a big heavy BEAST! It has a massive flag-like flame similar to our Fire Snake Poi.

A fun and fiery peice of equipment that can be used to combine staff, sword and club moves. It can be swung like a sword and twirled like a staff, making it a diverse and fun piece of equipment. The Counter Balance Club is also great for anyone that wants a LOT OF FIRE without having to learn all the moves needed to twirl a staff.

The unique thing about the Counter Balance Club is the weighted handle offsetting the weight of the wicked end. The club is counter balanced in the same way as traditional swords are. It feels surprisingly easy to move as you feel most of the weight in your hands and not at the wicked end of the club.

If you want something with a LOT of fire, that's fun and easy to use, then THIS is the equipment for you!

TECH DETAILS: Skill Level: Intermediate. Weight Grade: Heavy. Burntime: about 3.5 minutes. Length: 1280mm total length. Weight: 2kg Wick: the 400mm (16 inch) long, rolled wick is made from 4 adjoining sections of 500mm (20 inch) long, 100mm (4 inch) wide, 3.2mm (1/8 inch) thick, flat Kevlar fire wick. Shaft: 1280mm total length. 1200mm long heavy duty aluminium tube, partial timber core, 25mm (1 inch) diameter, 3mm wall thickness. Handle: Ribbed, heat resistant, fuel resistant rubber with a 50mm diameter steel ball secured to the shaft with screws and sheer brute force. That thing's never coming out! :)

Includes instructions for use and a Fire Safety and Fuel Guide.