CONTACT Fire Staff - 100mm (4 inch) Wicks - LIGHT

CONTACT Fire Staff - 100mm (4 inch) Wicks - LIGHT

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1200mm (47 inch) for kids and super-shorties

1400mm (55 inch) Weight: 578g.

1500mm (59 inch) Weight: 610g.

1600mm (63 inch) Weight: 642g or any other length you prefer.

Made with EXTRA WIDE 25mm (1/2 inch) aluminium tube and extra long, padded sponge-rubber grip. Developed in conjunction with Perth Fire Group contact staffers, this staff is what we believe to be the right weight, length, balance and grip that you would expect from a great Contact Fire Staff. You can order extra fat wicks for a longer burn time.

TECH DETAILS: Skill Level: Any Weight Grade: Light. BURN TIME: about 3.5 minutes. WICKS: each wick is made with a 500mm (20 inch) length of 100mm (4 inch) wide, 3.2mm thick, flat Kevlar® wick, secured with screws for easy wick replacement. SHAFT: EXTRA WIDE 25mm (1/2 inch) diameter aluminium tube with a 1.6mm thick wall and timber dowel to plug the ends. HANDLE/GRIP: double sided tape with 700mm/28 inches of comfortable and durable sponge-rubber grip and gaffa tape with heatshrink rubber to secure and protect it at the ends.

Includes instructions for use and a Fire Safety and Fuel Guide.

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Choose Length 1400mm / 55 inches
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