Fire Staff - 200mm (8inch) Wicks

Fire Staff - 200mm (8inch) Wicks

Delivery weight: 615 g
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Choose your length up to 1.9 metres. A guide to choosing your staff length is on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

1200mm (47 inch) 

1400mm (55 inch) Weight: 590g.

1500mm (59 inch) Weight: 615g or 1600mm (63 inch) or any other length you prefer, just add it in the notes/comments section when ordering or send me  an email afterwards.

Great for performers as the bigger wicks give BIGGER BURN OFFS and the extra light kicked out by the bigger flames is great for lighting your performance space. Not to mention more fire, more danger and a more exciting show!

TECH DETAILS: Skill Level: Intermediate Weight grade: Medium Plus. Burn time: about 3.5 minutes. Wicks: Single rolled wick per end, each wick is made with 2 x 500mm (20 inch) lengths of 200mm (8 inch) wide x 3.2mm (1/8 inch) thick, flat Kevlar ® wick. Shaft: 20mm wide, 1.6mm wall thickness, heavy duty aluminium pipe with partial timber core (120mm long oak plugs at each end) Handle: 300mm/12 inches of ribbed, heatshrink rubber with heavy duty adhesive tape under it for a long-lasting and sturdy grip that will last for years. (lasts waaay longer than soft padded foam rubber grips)

Includes instructions for use and a Fire Safety and Fuel Guide.

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Staff Length 1400mm / 55 inches
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