Fire Staff SHORT - 65mm (2.5inch) wicks

Fire Staff SHORT - 65mm (2.5inch) wicks

Delivery weight: 300 g
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SUPER CHEAP delivery! Short enough to be posted with Australia Post to ANYWHERE, Worldwide. A staff longer than 105cm (41.5 inches) has to be delivered by courier which costs more than regular post.

Choose your length. A guide to choosing your staff length is on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

800mm (31.5 inch) Weight: 250g. 

900mm (33.5 inch) Weight: 275g

1000mm (39.5 inch) Weight: 300g ...or any other length up to 1050mm (41.5 inches)

Great for maximum freedom of movement or as twin/double staves.

A fun, compact little fire staff, small and light, it has a nice bit of weight on the ends which gives it good momentum. Great for smaller fire spinners. A short staff is easier to use because they are lighter and you can do more moves without hitting the ends on yourself or the ground. A long fire staff may limit your range of moves but the extra length and weight gives you the option of doing some Contact Staff moves with it. You can get extra fat wicks for a longer burn time for just the cost of the extra Kevlar wicking added.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Skill Level: Any. Weight Grade: Light. Burn time: approx 3.5 minutes Wicks: 2 rolled wicks, each made with a 500mm (20 inch) length of 65mm (2.5 inch) wide, 3.2mm (1/8 inch) thick, flat Kevlar ® fire wick. Shaft: heavy-duty aluminium tubing. 20mm diameter, 1.6mm wall thickness. 120mm Tasmanian Oak timber dowel plugs at each end, sealed with PVA Glue. Handle: 300mm (12 inches) of ribbed, heat resistant, fuel resistant, heatshrink rubber with adhesive underlay to ensure a long lasting, non-slip grip.

Includes instructions for use and a Fire Safety and Fuel Guide.

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Choose Length 0800mm / 31.5 inches