Practice Poi - Sock Poi

Practice Poi - Sock Poi

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Sock Poi are great practice poi for beginners and anyone learning some new moves.

- Durable and super easy to use.

- Smooth, springy fabric slides right off you & untangles in seconds.

- Perfect for wraps and loops.

- A small side opening in the seam lets you add whatever kind of ball you prefer, a tennis ball, beanbag ball or juggling ball.

DIY TIP: Homemade beanbags can be created in seconds by adding some dry sand, beans or rice to a plastic bag or balloon. Pop them in a pair of long socks for an instant homemade set of sock poi. You can also make your Sock Poi glow by putting in some glowsticks or glowtoys. Just wrap the soft stretchy ends around your hands and start spinning today!

MATERIAL: Super smooth, stretchy, high-grade, nylon spandex. Machine washable. LENGTH: 640mm (2ft) WEIGHT: 30g or 145g with tennis balls (5oz)

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