SMALL ROLLED / Tube Core Fire Poi Heads 50mm (2 inch)

SMALL ROLLED / Tube Core Fire Poi Heads 50mm (2 inch)

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Level: beginner Weight grade: light.

These 50mm (2inch) tube core, rolled poi heads are the smallest and lightest fire heads we build. This makes them great for first time fire twirlers and folks who want smaller flames.

They have the same durability as all our other poi heads and a burn time similar to that of the larger 65mm (2.5inch) rolled poi heads - about 3.5 minutes.


TECH DETAILS: Heads: Tube core, each wick is made with a 500mm length of rolled 50mm (2 inch) wide, 3.2mm (1/8 inch) thick, flat Kevlar ® wick, aluminium tube and timber core. Joiners: Heavy duty, stainless steel split rings. Total Weight: 108g per set. Burn Time: 3.5 minutes

Includes a Fire Safety and Fuel Guide