SMALL CATHEDRAL Fire Poi 50mm (2inch)

SMALL CATHEDRAL Fire Poi 50mm (2inch)

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Level: beginner and intermediate Weight grade: medium

Cathedral fire poi are great for a bigger flame and a longer burn time.

They are built for one purpose: to hold more fuel. These fire wicks are ALL wick. Unlike rolled head and monkey fist fire poi, cathedrals don't have a core. Each Cathedral fire head is made with 1200mm (4 feet) of tightly folded Kevlar wick.

Because they can hold a lot of fuel, they will weigh more than standard rolled head fire poi and will have a similar weight to monkey fist fire poi (because of the monkey fists core). The extra fuel storage capacity allows Cathedral fire poi to burn longer than rolled head fire poi and monkey fist fire poi (Cathedral fire poi burn for close to 5 minutes). This is great if you love a long burn time and don't mind the extra weight. Want MORE fire and an even longer burn time? check out our 65mm (2.5 inch) Cathedral fire poi.

TECH DETAILS: Wicks/Heads: 50mm (2 inch) cubes, each made with 1200mm (4 feet) of 50mm (2 inch) wide x 3.2mm (1/8 inch) thick, flat Kevlar ® wick. Stainless steel eye bolts, nuts and washers. Burn time: approx. 5 minutes. Chains: pair of 550mm stainless steel, welded oval link. Handles: Double loop, nylon. Swivels: Heavy duty, nickel. Joiners: Heavy duty, stainless steel split rings and heavy duty, 4mm stainless steel oval quick links. Length: 76cm/760mm (30 inches). Total Weight: 300g set/pair. Manufacturer: Fyregear

Includes instructions for use, fire safety and fuel information