Retractable Fire Orb

Retractable Fire Orb


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Level: all levels.

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The only retractable fire orb on the market! Your hands can be from 20cm to 1.5m apart.

This fire orb is a beautiful piece of equipment which gives the illusion of a floating flame. It hovers, as if suspended in mid-air, while the performer's hands dance around it.

Ordinary fire orbs are made with static lines, meaning your hands must remain a fixed distance apart which limits your range of movement and expression in your dance. With our retractable fire orbs your hands are free to move to their full extent.

The orb is suspended between two retractable, strong, stainless steel cables. The cable compartments are light and only 5cm in diameter, so fit neatly into your hands. We use Kevlar ropewick to create the unique fire heads and there are no exposed screws or metal parts. This means that our fire orbs can be used for body tracing and even some fire eating elements.

This really is a gorgeous piece of fire equipment and a must have for all those that love to perform and dance.

Wick: 5cm long and 3cm dia. made from twisted Kevlar rope.

Cord: Stainless steel cables, extend from 20cm to 1.5m.

Weight: 113g.

Includes fire and fuel safety information sheet and care sheet.