Fire Staff - Shaft / Handle

Fire Staff - Shaft / Handle

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Fire Staff shaft / handle: 20mm diameter, heavy duty aluminium tube with ribbed, heatshrink rubber grip, timber plugs for the ends and screws for attaching your fire wicks. Great for building your own fire staff. Just add wicks!

This is much stronger aluminium than what you can get at hardware stores. Theirs only have a 1mm wall thickness which bends and warps way too easily and you end up with a wonky fire staff :(


  • Let me know what length you want when ordering. (800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm etc)
  • Let me know if you plan to attach extra large wicks. (bigger than 100mm (4inch) wide or if they are extra fat wicks (more than a 50 cm length rolled on) as you will be supplied with extra screws or extra long screws.

TECH DETAILS: Heavy duty aluminium tube, 20mm diameter, 1.6mm wall thickness. HANDLE / GRIP: 300mm (30cm / 12 inches) of ribbed, heat resistant rubber grip with an adhesive underlay for a long lasting, sturdy grip. PLUGS: 2 x 120mm (12cm) lengths of 16mm diameter oak dowel. SCREWS: 6 x button head, needle point, zinc alloy screws suitable for exterior use. MANUFACTURER: Fyregear

Includes instructions for use, fire safety info and a fire fuel guide.