Poi Chain and Handle set

Poi Chain and Handle set

$35.00 / pair(s)
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Suitable for Fire Poi and Practice Poi. Silky smooth handles and top quality hardware.

These are made with all the same heavy duty, top quality, built to last parts that we use on all our Fire Poi. They are tried and tested, made from extremely durable materials and are built to last for many, many years.

You should check your poi chains and handles regularly for damage. Cheaper, poor quality Poi Handles can stretch, fray or tear and poor quality chain can break, especially when exposed to heat and the forces that high speed poi spinning puts them through. If in doubt, replace your existing poi chain and handle sets, as poor quality or poorly maintained equipment could cause damage to you or others.

More detailed descriptions of all components can be found in the listings for the individual parts.

TECH DETAILS: Handles: 2 x Double-Finger-Loop Poi Handles with nickel plated steel D-Rings. Swivels: 2 x heavy duty barrel swivels Chains: 2 x 56cm stainless steel, welded, oval link Joiners: 4 x heavy duty, stainless steel 17mm split rings. Total Length: 69cm/690mm/27 inches

Includes instructions for use and a Fire Safety and Fuel Guide.