Fire Fuel, RecosolG, 1 Litre

Fire Fuel, RecosolG, 1 Litre

$8.00 / litre(s)
Delivery weight: 1 kg
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This is fuel only. If you do not already have a fuel container we sell plastic Jerry Bottles (5 Litre capacity) Sometimes it can be supplied in the 20L drum it came in. If you prefer a drum just ask if one is available. I suggest getting a tap for the drum (available at any hardware store) as pouring it out the top can be a bit splashy.

RecosolG Fire Fuel has been tried and tested as the best fire fuel available in Western Australia.

  • Non Explosive (needs a wick to burn)
  • Quick to light
  • Bright flame
  • Reduced Heat (great for close body contact moves)
  • Clean (minimal smoke)
  • Odourless (no more kerosene stink, Yay!)
  • Flavourless (great for fire eating)
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor performance

Used by the majority of professional fire performers in Perth and comes highly recommended over other commonly used fire performance fuels such as kerosene or lamp oil.

Lights as fast as kerosene but without all the heat, smoke and odour. Burns as cleanly as smokeless, odourless lamp oil but lights faster. It's a great improvement on of those fuels and also burns at a much lower temperature which makes it very suitable for close contact fire performance, such as fire eating and body tracing

Includes instructions for use, Fire Safety Info and a Fuel Guide plus a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which details the chemical properties, first aid measures, fire fighting measures, handling and storage, exposure controls and other relevant information.

TECH SPECS: RecosolG is also known as Isoparaffin and Hydrotreated Heavy Naphtha. In the eastern states of Australia it is also known as Firewater and ShellSolD60. Its CAS Number is 64742-48-9 (not to be confused with RecosolR55 which is Shellite, also known as Hydrotreated Light Naphtha, CAS Number 64742-89-8)

Includes a Fire Safety and Fuel Guide.