Fire Pastie Nipple Tassels

Fire Pastie Nipple Tassels

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Take your act to the next level with these beauties and really heat up the stage! They're a pleasure to work with and a definite crowd pleaser.

Developed in consultation with professional burlesque tassel twirlers to bring you the best Fire Pastie Tassels possible. Tried and tested both in Australia and overseas these Fire Pasties raise the roof every time they're lit up.

Specifically designed and manufactured for use with fire, the leather exterior ensures fireproof durability, the fabric lined vinyl interior ensures good body-glue absorbency and adhesion, and the stiff, card core reinforces the cone to ensure it maintains it's shape. Custom made pasties are available to fit all shapes and sizes. Just ask!

The fire tassels are made with ball chain so every link is a swivel to ensure smooth rotations. The wick is knotted Kevlar rope wick and reinforced with Kevlar thread. They are supplied with extra long, adjustable ball chains so you can shorten them to suit. They also come with a metre of additional Kevlar rope wick and thread, to allow you to increase the size of the wicks.

TECH DETAILS: WICKS: 2cm wide balls. 75cm of 3mm Kevlar twisted rope and Kevlar sewing thread in each wick. TASSELS: 16cm long ball chains. TASSEL STOPPERS: heat resistant rubber. PASTIES: 6cm diameter, 3cm high cones. Leather, card and fabric. (can be made to order) ALSO INCLUDES A SPARE PARTS KIT: 1m of 3mm Kevlar rope wick, Kevlar thread, spare set of chains and stoppers.

Includes instructions for use, fire safety and fuel information