BeanBag Balls

BeanBag Balls

$2.00 / unit(s)
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These brightly coloured BeanBag Balls (also known as HackySacks and FootBags) have almost no impact on your body which makes them perfect for juggling, playing HackySack or putting into Sock Poi.

Get 1 for playing HackySack

Get 2 for playing multi-ball HackySack AND putting them in your Sock Poi

Get 3 and you can play multi-ball HackySack, put them in your sock Poi AND do 3-Ball Juggling.

Colours and quantities are limited, as pictured. Please state your choice of colour and quantity when ordering. If you forget, you can just send me a message after.


  • 2x Yellow and Black Smiley Face
  • 1x Rainbow Stripes
  • 2x Green-Yellow-Red-Blue Stripes
  • 2x Green-Yellow-Red
  • 3x Blue-White-Red Stripes
  • 3x Black-White Peace Symbol.