Circus Toys (Non Fire)

Circus Toys (Non Fire)

Circus Toys (Non Fire)

Non-fire circus toys are great to practice with, check out the links to FREE video lessons! Practice gear is great for beginners and anyone learning new moves. INTERNATIONAL DELIVERIES: please email your orders for a postage quote

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Super smooth, stretchy, nylon spandex slides right off you & untangles in seconds. Perfect for practicing some new moves.

$15.00 / pair(s)
Delivery weight: 0.335 kg

Machine washable heavy-duty nylon. 71cm (28 inches) Nylon double finger loop handles with swivels. Ball chain on leading edge.

$50.00 / pair(s)
Delivery weight: 187 g

Sorry this item has already sold out.

Slightly smaller and lighter than usual. Will not stain your fabric poi like the yellow tennis balls do.

$1.50 / pair(s)

These BeanBag Balls have almost no impact on your body which makes them perfect for juggling, playing HackySack or putting into Sock Poi

$2.00 / unit(s)